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Touch Guard Tour System

Touch Guard Tour System is composed of patrol machine, patrol point and personnel button, and the statistical data in the terminal mainly includes computer statistics. At present, the intelligent patrol machines on the market mainly use automatic identification technology to eliminate the traditional wiring, which is also the expansion of all-in-one card equipment in the security field. 

It can carry out scientific and standardized management on the work of patrol personnel, and is also conducive to the management of the work of patrol personnel by managers. The patrol machine plays an important role in ensuring safe production.

Touch guard tour systeml inspection in safety production, for example, patrol machines are used in shopping malls, residential apartments and chemical places. After forming the patrol system, the cooperation of patrol inspectors is still needed to make the patrol machine fully used.

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Touch guard tour system analyzes the extracted patrol records according to the shift arrangement settings and patrol personnel data, and can summarize and count the daily patrol work reports. For abnormal patrol situations, such as missed patrol, untimely patrol, etc., it can automatically analyze them. At the same time, it can filter, search, delete, print, output and save patrol records and statistical reports according to the requirements of the manager.

HUA provides you with the following products, which can be customized logo.

Stainless Steel Guard Patrol System with Touch Probe HUA-101X

Touch Probe Guard Tour System HUA-101Z

Advantages of Touch Guard Tour System

1. The inspection mode is flexible, meeting the special requirements of more than 95% of the inspection environment and inspection locations, and achieving comprehensive coverage!

2. Easy to use, easy to operate, saving personnel training costs.

3. The function is more perfect, the system is more powerful, and it helps the managers to improve their work efficiency.

4. The after-sales maintenance problems are guaranteed.

5. Data cloud storage is not lost.

6. Waterproof, dust-proof and fall proof.

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With the increasing diversification and complexity of the daily work content of industry users, the original single voice communication can no longer meet the application needs of users in the daily work of industry users.

Real time video monitoring, fast access to key data, efficient mobile office and other business applications have become the urgent needs of users. At the network level, due to the different coverage, carrying services and service quality of each communication network, it is unable to meet the unified communication and command scheduling needs of users.

HUA Technology produces intelligent patrol machines, with the human-computer interaction design concept of extreme fast and deep customization, so that you can hear in time, see clearly in real time, and enjoy a seamless and new communication experience in the dimension of space and time.

We are committed to providing users with a good use experience. This product can be widely used in electric power, coal mine, chemical industry, production, railway, petroleum, highway, water power, mining, forestry, etc.

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