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RFID Guard Tour System

RFID Guard Tour System Solution for Your Business

The global economy is becoming increasingly digital, and enterprises have turned to automation to improve operational efficiency and meet the needs of consumers. Rfid based solutions can effectively respond to the rapidly changing digital world system.

RFID Guard Tour System is an automatic wireless identification technology, which uses electromagnetic waves to obtain and store data and provide relevant information in real time. RFID has been widely used in warehouse tracking system because it does not require line of sight operation. RFID has many applications that can be customized to meet different needs. Whether your business needs secure identification software or wants to automate its processes, RFID Guard Tour System can provide a perfect solution for your business.

HUA has many years of experience in RFID Guard Tour System consulting and implementation. You can be sure that your business will be well managed. In addition, we also cooperate with customers in many different industries, such as  Petrochemical  Engineering Safety  Education  Healthcare 

Therefore, whether you are in the healthcare industry or the retail industry, our experts can work seamlessly with your business to create a unique RFID system to meet your needs. 

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Advantages of RFID Guard Tour System 

1. You can code the names of patrol points, set patrol routes, shifts, arrange patrol routes, and set the time for patrol tasks. 

2. The software can automatically check the patrol situation, such as whether it is patrolled, whether it is on time, early or late, when it is patrolled, who patrols, whether it is missed, and whether it is patrolled in the specified order.

3. Powerful data statistics and analysis function.

4. Flexible and convenient card issuing function.

5. Data is highly secure.

6. The software is maintenance free.

7. The RFID guard tour system has complete functions and is easy to operate.

8. The RFID guard tour system has no consumption and is more beautiful, flexible, advanced and has good performance than any previous patrol equipment.

9. The RFID guard tour system index is completely waterproof.

10. More solid, reliable and impact resistant.

11. Vibration indication function improves accuracy.

12. It is more convenient to use in noisy environment and more suitable for security personnel to use in harsh environment.

13. Easy installation, long service life, stability and reliability.

Operating principle of RFID Guard Tour System 

It is mainly to set up long-distance fixed point signs on the patrol route, while the patrol device worn by the security guard contains a long-distance identification module. When the security guard arrives at the area with the fixed point mark in advance, the patroller will automatically collect the RF signal with the unique identification code sent by the fixed point mark, automatically record the time when the security guard patrols to the place, and the data will be transferred to the computer online or afterwards. 

Because the remote data automatic acquisition technology is used to supervise the daily patrol work of security guards, it can effectively meet the complex requirements of patrol management on the premise of ensuring the quality of patrol. The fixed point signs can be randomly arranged as required, effectively eliminating cheating against the sign points and ensuring no loopholes in the monitoring.

Features of RFID Guard Tour System 

1. The patrol collector adopts radio frequency operation, which is convenient to carry.

2. The weight and size are similar to those of mobile phones.

3. No information will be lost when changing the battery.

4. When in use, use the patrol collector to approach the mileage sign card, and the patrol employee number, patrol time and location information will be automatically recorded into the memory.

5. The collector has a large memory and can store up to 5000 patrol records.

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