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Real Time Guard Tour System

HUA Real Time Guard Tour System is a handheld inspection terminal that integrates RFID tag identification data acquisition technology, 4G wireless communication technology, GIS location information technology and touch control technology. The machine design is beautiful, small, exquisite, equipped with color screen machine text display and other functions. We offer you the following two products. Our real time guard tour system is of high quality and affordable price, welcome to choose and buy.

Face Verification Guard Tour System HUA-K4

Realtime Guard Tour System HUA-K2

Functions of Real Time Guard Tour System

1. Inspection navigation function: After the card is read successfully, the voice will broadcast and the screen will display the name of the next inspection point, and the actions will be directed visually and audially, rather than by memory.

2. Task query function: Refresh the latest inspection task in real time. After the inspection succeeds, the inspection record and completion status are displayed.

3. Inspection record function: You can query inspection records of the local device, uploaded records and unuploaded records, and query information about the inspection site in real time.

4. Flashlight function: Function key On Enables the lighting function of the handheld terminal.

Applications of Our Real Time Guard Tour System


Engineering Safety



Recreational Centre


Features of Real Time Guard Tour System

1. SOS - alarm

2. GPS positioning system

3. Two-way communication SMS

4. Real-time position monitoring

5. Notify customers by email of any events that occur

6. Checkpoint scanning

7. Create a predetermined route

8. Face recognition

9. Liquid crystal display

10. Super storage capacity

11. GPRS or USB cable communication

12. Extruded ABS plastic case, super durable

13. Long battery life

Provide Proactive Real Time Guard Tour System Service

The HUA Guard Tour System enables you to take a comprehensive look at your operations and develop strategies to maximize the value of your use. With our system, you can adjust your protection flow accordingly, walking around scanning checkpoints and defining the actions required at each checkpoint.

HUA allows you to record what happens at each checkpoint, including logging, displaying messages, opening reports, asking unusual questions, or triggering event alerts. Our products have GPS function and face recognition function, can better help you work! 

We also provide customization service, can customize your logo. Please tell me your exact requirements, we will adjust the equipment before delivery. After you receive the goods, you can use them without any setup. If you are interested in our products, please contact us

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If you have such requirements can leave your email address, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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