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Security Guard Patrol Tracking System used to help companies and organizations record and execute guard patrols to ensure that guards complete their tasks at predetermined intervals. This gives us a way to check and record how long the guards are doing their rounds. 

Checkpoints are set up at certain points in the building. Patrol equipment can be used to scan specific checkpoints in patrol areas so that managers can identify each part of each different location. Field staff can scan checkpoints, send SOS alerts, track and record incidents, and send reports to managers or customers, even in real time.

Are you concerned that workplace security personnel are doing their job properly?

Then you need a security guard patrol tracking system to check that the security patrol or guard patrol system and duties are being performed efficiently, correctly, and in a timely manner. 

HUA ELECTRONIC is a leading provider of high-tech guard patrol systems, security equipment and tracking software in China. 

Our security patrol monitoring system and equipment can be used to track where your employees are and monitor if duties are being performed correctly. This ensures efficient completion of the loop, eliminating the need for cumbersome schedules and paper trails.

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Features of Guard Tour monitoring solutions

HUA security guard patrol tracking system is a convenient tool for security personnel to use and will not hinder activities. All checkpoints are scanned, real-time reports can track the progress of the guards' rounds, and automatic alerts are sent to the security center if any deviation from normal procedures occurs.

Huiyouan is a simple system, you do not need to manually empty equipment to process guard patrol information, incident reporting can be easily completed from the field, reducing the need for paperwork after the guard patrol.

Our system is widely used in various fields, if you want to know more information, please click here! 

Applications of Our security guard patrol tracking system

Advantages of Our Security Guard Patrol Tracking System

A security patrol checkpoint system is a comprehensive solution for ensuring security and safety in an area, such as a commercial or industrial property. 

1. Our security guard patrol tracking system can arrange your patrol officers and automate daily patrol procedures to ensure that patrol guards arrive on time and prevent time theft by security personnel.

2. You can also assign your guards to do specific jobs, patrolling and receiving guests.

3. Our security guard patrol tracking system is capable of creating plans by job, client or location, setting up rotating shifts, copying previous schedules or creating custom templates, adding patrol records, addresses and media file attachments. Avoid mistakes and timeouts with a visual conflict system, and make sure your guards are in the right place and at the right time.

4. Every time a security guard clocks in, he can get a notification with a GPS location stamp. Simply set up custom work stations by site, client, or anything else to avoid guards clocking out of patrol or work locations.

5. Access to real-time or past patrol tracking reports to keep your guards informed and consistent, reduce unnecessary interactions and speed up the process.

6. Details, location, time, notes and attachments can be clicked, and the job/client instructions can be saved as templates for future security patrols.

7. Provide a mobile interface for guards and managers, automate procedures and share everything with customers.

8. Use GPS capture and electronic signature to create location reports, everything can be automatically shared with the client. Our security guard patrol tracking system creates clear, versatile company listings and reports.

9. Drive your guards to 100% compliance, keep and track of your guards' documents and licenses. Can be viewed separately by document type or status of each employee, updating all compliance documents and licensing status in a timely manner.

10. Our security guard patrol tracking system can classify groups of employees by length of tenure, department, position, etc.

11. Advanced: on the premise of practicality, the instrument microprocessing chip is used to track computer hardware and software technology, information technology and network communication technology at home and abroad, so that the system has a high performance index.

12. Easy to operate: implement the principle of end-user oriented, establish a friendly user interface, the user operation is simple and intuitive, easy to learn and master, the use of electronic patrol system can completely solve these problems, so as to improve the standardization and scientific management level of all kinds of patrol work for managers.

13. Practicability: pay attention to the use of mature and practical technology, so that the system can meet the user's business needs.

14. It consists of a network of electronic checkpoints that security personnel can visit on patrol, using handheld devices to log their activity and record any incidents or anomalies they encounter. 
15. These devices can communicate with a central server, which stores and analyzes the data, generating reports and alerts as needed. 
16. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer, with features such as real-time tracking, customizable forms, and integration with other security tools. 
17. Additionally, technical support is available to assist customers with any issues or questions they may have, ensuring smooth operation and maximum efficiency.

We Are Your Partner Who Understands Security

A security patrol checkpoint system is a comprehensive solution that provides real-time monitoring and tracking of security personnel while they conduct their patrols. The system uses a combination of hardware and software to capture data, track movements, and generate reports to help security teams better manage their patrols and respond to any incidents that may arise.

The system typically includes a variety of features, such as GPS tracking, RFID scanning, and real-time alerts that notify security teams of any issues or anomalies. It may also include advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that allow teams to identify patterns and trends in security incidents and adjust their patrols accordingly.

In addition to its robust technical capabilities, a top-quality security patrol checkpoint system should also offer exceptional customer support and be highly customizable to meet the unique needs of each organization. At HUA ELECTRONIC, we prioritize customer value above all else and work closely with our clients to develop a complete solution that helps move their organizations forward.

Why Choose Us?

As a security guard patrol tracking system supplier, HUA ELECTRONIC guard patrol system and patrol app technology should be simple to use, affordable, and easy to deploy. With Huiyouan, you can activate your security patrol system in less than an hour of training, and our support experts are here to help you continuously.

Unlike more than 90% of security patrol system suppliers, we have a professional technical team with decades of experience in the security business, and you will be happy to know that your data is also stored here!

We also provide customization service, you can customize the brand logo. Meanwhile, we will set up the system for you. After you receive our equipment, you can use it directly. If you are interested in our security guard patrol tracking system, welcome to contact us!

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