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Science and Technology to Promote Forest


Forest as a renewable natural resources on earth, and the body of the terrestrial ecosystem, and its contribution to human beings is various, for the sustainable development provides a number of ways, it is not only the water conservation soil and water conservation of green water, natural air purifier, home of numerous wildlife, but also provides a variety of wood for mankind and economic plants, It is an important driving force of economic growth and plays an irreplaceable role in the history of human survival and development. Therefore, it is an important mission to protect forest resources.

In recent years, due to fire, plant diseases and insect pests, factors such as illegal logging takes up the forest resources, forest resources are destroyed, resulting in environmental pollution, soil erosion, many animals lose their habitat, to the incalculable loss of economy and society, especially since the beginning of this winter, as the decrease of precipitation weather is dry, forest fire safety is facing severe test.

Science and Technology to Promote Forest

California Wildfires

California has been the hardest hit by wildfires, which have engulfed large areas of jungle, and have been breaking out for years, showing a trend of getting worse. According to statistics, since October 1, at least 58 fires have occurred in California, burning more than 115,000 acres, 43 out of the state's 58 counties have been affected, and more than 200,000 people have been evacuated. The impact on the local economy and society has been severe. What happens in California makes the large-scale forest fire, deadly and costly, a very bad forestry management is an important cause of the accident, therefore increase fire prevention propaganda, and set up scientific forest inspection plan, hidden perils in as planned inspection, from the source to reduce the forest fire hazard is important means to ensure the safety of forest fire prevention. 

What help can HUAguard system bring to forest inspection?

Science and Technology to Promote Forest

For a long time, the original management mode of forest rangers has four major problems, such as a small number of forest rangers, scattered working places, unable to determine the location, large scope of supervision, and uneven quality of personnel, which is difficult to manage.HUAguard system is a highly humanized and intelligent system, which perfectly solves these patrol problems.

Science and Technology to Promote Forest

When it is inconvenient to set a patrol point in the forest area, a GPS point can be set in the background, and the patroller can complete the "check-in" work when he passes by the patrol machine with the patrol machine. The information such as the patrol route and geographic coordinates can be clearly seen, and the daily patrol information of the ranger will be sent to the server as an important data for evaluating the work efficiency of the ranger.

Science and Technology to Promote Forest

And once fire, landslide and other accidents are found, the hand-held inspection device can send back photos and videos in front, so that the management department can get the exact location and situation of the accident scene in the shortest time, and make corresponding treatment in the first time. In the field of forest protection, if there is a critical situation of illegal logging, tree damage or forest fire, the forest guard can directly call the management center or other team members in the area with the monitor to request support, so as to eliminate the danger in the bud in the first time.

Science and Technology to Promote Forest

About HUA Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way you conduct your inspections. This system enables you to increase efficiency and productivity while ensuring accurate and thorough inspections. With real-time tracking and monitoring, you will always know exactly where your inspectors are and what they are doing. This system also provides increased accountability and documentation, so you can have confidence in the integrity of your inspection results. And with powerful data analysis capabilities, Guard Tour System helps you make better decisions based on meaningful insights. Upgrade your inspection process today with Guard Tour System. 

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