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What to Look For When Evaluating Automated Guard Tour Products?

Feb. 10, 2023

guard tour system is an integrated network of wireless sensors connected to a central software dashboard you use to manage and log their guards’ rounds. Reliable real time security guard tour systems improve the speed and effectiveness of your security patrols. They also help mitigate human errors that might otherwise creep into your operations.


Managing on-site security guards, especially in the wake of the pandemic, is challenging. Organizations of all sizes are looking for tools to make this work easier. If you’ve spent a lot of time evaluating different RFID guard tour systems, they can all start to look alike. But four key qualities can set a system apart. We recommend investigating each system’s usability, customer service and support, tracking capability, and reporting options.


4G GPS Guard Tour System

 4G GPS Guard Tour System


If the new technology you introduce in the workplace is clumsy, clumsy, or time-consuming, your employees will find a way to work without it. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on new technology or how strict policies you have. If this system makes someone's job more difficult, they will try their best to avoid it.


When comparing guard guard tour systems, pay attention to availability. You want an easy-to-use system that fits the workflow of your guard's existing guard tour mode. Don't be content with a square nail solution in a round hole.


Real-time reporting & alerts

One of the key benefits of digitally automating guard tour management is the amount of new, actionable data you can collect. Every tag signout, checkpoint reached, and real-time location logged feeds into the central management system. As a result, you’ll collect a massive volume of new data. But that data is only as useful as the new insights you can generate from it.


Compare the reporting capabilities of each RFID guard tour system. Do they collect data in a meaningful way? Do they offer reports that allow you to monitor KPIs? Do they provide data to meet regulatory standards?


The intelligent 4G GPS guard tour system is a software system for scientific management of patrol personnel, which can realize the attendance management of patrol personnel, and has such functional features as real-time image upload, personnel positioning, etc. It can be used in public security patrol, safety patrol, environmental protection and other industries.

Tracking ability.

A busy workplace requires real-time tracking. Evaluate how each tracking system works in your existing facility. Will you receive real-time results from the alert location? Is the wireless standard of each system compatible with the security requirements of your facility? Can these signals work undisturbed in your environment?


Customer support.

The security guard tour system is not a technology that you decide not to use after you put it into use. They need continuous management and support. They are living technologies that must be changed and adapted as the workplace evolves. Evaluate the design and support options offered by each provider you are considering.


Will they help you customize the hardware according to the unique needs of the facility? Will they update your guard tour system management software when you need additional features? When you need to modify the system, are they available for ongoing support requests?

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